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“If Only You Knew…”

Imam Ahmad, rahimahullah, narrated that Abu-d-Darda’, radiallahu `anh, once said:“If only you knew what you will certainly see upon your death, you would never again eat a single bite out of a craving appetite, and you would never again drink an extra sip of water for the pleasure of unquenchable and insatiable thirst. Hence, you will remain outdoor in perpetuity, bewildered and awaiting the unexpected, and you will never again seek comfort in a shelter or seek a shade. You will wander aimlessly and climb the hilltops of every mountain, you will look up towards the heavens and beseech your Lord for mercy, and you will beat on your chest and cry endlessly, and you will wish that you were a little vegetable – a plant which is protected to grow, and then plucked to be eaten by a hungry person passing along.”


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